Talugende Robert and Watulo Harriet, Vegetables 4 Nutrition (V4N) Project

Talugende Robert and Watulo Harriet, Vegetables 4 Nutrition (V4N) Project working in a garden

The Ugandan economy has sustained great losses due to severe chronic malnutrition. Stunting, or being short for your age, results when children lose out on critical nutrients including proteins, vitamins and minerals, while in the womb or in the first five years of life. People affected by stunting are more at risk for health problems throughout their lives.

Talugende Robert grew up in the rural poor villages in Uganda. Seeing the effects of poverty first hand, fueled his desire to alleviate, or at least reduce the suffering of others. This philosophy led him, and partner Watulo Harriet, to create the Vegetables 4 Nutrition (V4N) Project.

With the assistance of four volunteers, The V4N project will grow nutrient-rich sweet potatoes, moringa and vegetables to provide to 47 very poor households in 2 villages in Baitambogwe. The participants in the project will receive help developing well balanced diets and establishing home based backyard gardens. This will build the household’s capacity for preparing inexpensive and nutritious foods. 

For more information visit  Vegetables 4 Nutrition (V4N) Project on their Website and Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 29, 2015