candice elder

Candice Elder – Take Back Our Streets

Grantee Name: Candice Elder
Project Name: Take Back Our Streets
Grant Location: Oakland, CA, USA

Funding Partner: California Endowment

Project Description: Take Back Our Streets (TBOS) aims to direct street actions, education, training and healing to help solve community problems from within regarding public safety and the safety of African American, Latino, immigrant youth, young adults and underserved community members such as low income, at risk youth and formerly incarcerated in Oakland, California. This project provides safe spaces for residents of Oakland, California to voice their concerns, opinions, and strategize solutions.

TBOS addresses inter-communal violence, police brutality and gun violence throughout the city of Oakland. Formed out of necessity to tackle these issues from a grassroots and community perspective, TBOS implements intimate dialogue, street outreach, and town halls to obtain community input on viable solutions to end inter-communal and state sanctioned violence, strategize working solutions on community policing versus police force, and protection against police brutality.