Tai Gomez

Tai Gomez, Peacekeepers Project

Date grant awarded: 3/16/2017

The Peacekeepers Project, is a community based series of workshops, cleanups, and demonstrations organized by Barrio Logan youth leader Tai Gomez. The project is designed to orient youth to local watersheds, and help them identify water, soil and air quality concerns. The project will also serve to empower youth with the tools of nonviolent direct action.We equip young adults with the tools to act in a way that benefits their community and environment.

The goal is to train leaders that can train others, to be “boots on the ground” organizers of creek and coast cleanups, establish sustainable community gardens, as well as address local elected officials as to the needs of their community. Peacekeepers will be educated on divestment campaigns, focusing on institutions that tacitly participate in environmentally unsound practices and how to organize peaceful direct action against these institutions.