Tabangmua Danisius, Nkwetta Charlotte – Providing a Sustainable Portable Water to Koba Community

Tabangmua Danisius and Nkwetta Charlotte are the founders of the project, Providing Sustainable Portable Water to Koba County, located in Cameroon.The goal of the project is to support 50 inhabitants of Koba village with portable water to improve their lives and overall health.

This project will reduce the incidents of waterborne illnesses that plague Koba, and it will also improve access to safe portable drinking water. The organizers feel like this is an important project because the residents in Koba village were asked to rank their most pressing needs, and access to water was marked as the most urgent need. Due to financial constraints in the community, a project centering on portable water has never been done.

The Pollination Project grant will help organizers purchase the equipment and materials to construct a portable water source from a deep well.