Daryl Kristopher Aguilar, founder of Tabang Komunidad. In Defense of Trees, Tree Sitting Protest against massive tree cutting in Brgy. San Felipe, Naga City.

Tabang Komunidad – Green Naga: Adopt a Tree

Naga City was once known as Green City because of its luscious greenery along the roads, in the suburb and especially in the rural areas. As the city progresses in terms of economic and infrastructure, the environment gets neglected. This was seen in 2017 as the city government road widening project – leading to an industrial zone – aimed to remove many of the trees lining the road.

At Tabang Komunidad we made an initial effort to stop the said tree-cutting project in the quickest way we could, thru tree-sitting. It made an impact on the media and we gathered support from the community. Later on, tree-cutting project was abolished but many trees have already been cut.

Thus, we, at Tabang Komunidad thought of an environmental project which will involve the participation of the people in the community. This we call Green Naga: Adopt a Tree. An environmental walk will be held which will serve as an information campaign on the importance of trees, After which each household are encouraged to plant a tree in their yard. Free fruit tree seedlings will also be distributed.

We are a small group in Tabang Komunidad, and with the help of TPP, not only are we provided with seed grant to pursue this project, but we are also motivated to continue protecting the environment.