Some of the teens from T4C dancing at the Teen Fest

T4C (Teens for Change) – T4C Nation – A Teens Safe Space

Teens 4 Change – Teens for Change – provides a platform where teens can come and find support and answers in regards to mental health, sexual reproductive health, and career development. We work with youth who are at the margins of a community who have lost hope, been discriminated against, and for some, are at the verge of self destruction. We offer them counseling, career guidance, and skills development, as well as link them to other service providers in the community that can help them.

We mainly work with teenage mothers, teens battling different facets of mental health, and those struggling with substance abuse. T4C Nation will be a walk-in center that can cater for all teenagers – even those out of school, and help them to find a safe space where they can open up and get help. Having gone through the struggle and having watched other young people go through the same, we decided that this does not have to be an ongoing cycle for the youth in our community. At T4C, our dream is to see a Uganda where youth don’t have to struggle in silence; and we are starting with our community – spreading the gospel of change through creativity – this is our mission and pursuit.

This seed grant from The Pollination Project will enable us set up this space, and bring to life the dreams these young people in our community thought were long dead.