Sydney Gray and Brian Manning, Mama Maji

Sydney Gray and Brian Manning are the passionate founders of Mama Maji , a volunteer-run organization that works in both New Orleans and Kenya and strives towards a world where water will help women transform their communities and their lives.

Kenyan society is dominated by defined gender roles and everything related to water falls to the women, however in the development of water projects it is the men in the community who are deeply engaged in the process. Through the community training sessions, Sydney and Brian have seen empowerment of the local women who have brought forward brilliant ideas on how to utilize water project development to improve their community.

Sydney believes, “water can transform the lives of women from around the globe”. Mama Maji has created that global connection by furthering the program in their hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, by developing a professional fellowship program for those who wish to enter the field of international development.

The funds from The Pollination Project will be used to help pay for Mama Maji’s 501(c)3 filing fees. For more information on Mama Maji please check out their website, and follow them on Facebook  and Twitter.