Syd Stewart - Supershero: The Journey of She

Syd Stewart, Supershero: The Journey of She

Date grant awarded: 07/04/2017

The Supershero Project is the brainchild of writer/poet/filmmaker Syd Stewart. This collection of video diaries features young women of color, ages 12-25 living in underserved neighborhoods in Los Angeles County, who share experiences of socioeconomic adversity. The project vision is to improve the lens through which they see and value themselves. The culminating project documentary will feature multi-generational stories of women overcoming socio-emotional adversity and how they learned to change their inner and outer communities by transforming issue into inspiration.

The project is supported by mentoring media arts agency Better Youth, Inc, with key collaboration from youth filmmaker/foster youth advocate Johna Rivers and mentoring filmmaker/photographer Brandon Jermaine.