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Suzan Wilmot, Solidarity Uganda

Suzan is a native of Northern Uganda.  Her entire life, the government of Uganda has been run by one dictator who has caused the suffering of Ugandans everywhere.  She now lives in the United States and is organizing and advocating for the Ugandan people through the organization she founded, Solidarity Uganda.  

Solidarity Uganda is a grassroots organizing effort led by a collective of peasants, activists, clergy, students, and social workers.  The all-volunteer team coordinates and facilitates nonviolence trainings throughout Uganda to help resist state repression, corruption, land grabbing, and other forms of oppression. Their primary work is currently in Amuru District where the government wants to thieve 100,000 acres of land from residents to sell it to a multinational corporation who wants to use the land for sugarcane plantations.

Suzan and Solidarity Uganda will use Pollination Project funds to support an “off the grid” solar communications infrastructure, allowing grassroots organizers and trainers to communicate with one another on the ground in a more effective and reliable way than they currently have access to.



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