Susan Presley, Wheels for Workers

With over 50 years of experience working with low income populations, retired R.N. Susan Presley opened a “HELP DESK” at the Open Arms Food Pantry in Huntsville, Arkansas.

Transportation has always been a problem for people with fewer financial resources, and not having reliable transportation prevents or delays seeking medical care in a timely manner, limits getting to food banks or public assistance offices, and keeps parents from participating in parent-teacher conferences at schools.

Susan explains, “When your vehicle breaks down, and you live 30 miles from your work, you miss days and get fired. The same thing occurs if you have no gasoline.”

In a county where no public transportation exists, transportation need is second only to food need in the poverty-ridden community. Wheels for Workers will provide transportation assistance to employed people. The goal is to give micro loans for vehicle repair or gasoline to allow people to keep their jobs if transportation fails.

Funding from the Pollination Project will be used to for micro loans for vehicle repairs and gasoline vouchers.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  October 15, 2014