A group of woman stand together.

Susan Ngeso, Sara Jones Mji wa Upendo

In Siaya, Kenya, high numbers of orphans are living with their elder grandparents due to the HIV epidemic that took the lives of their parents. The grandparents are often economically disadvantaged and ill equipped to be taking care of their kin. Partner this with the unfavorable climatic conditions and low crop yield, and the youth and elderly have suffered nutritionally. To best bring resources to this community, Susan Ngeso has created the Sara Jones Mji wa Upendo project.

The overall aim of this project is to promote the health and well being of said members in the community to alleviate the increasing rate of poverty. In addressing this problem, the project intends to drill a borehole and pump water to a reservoir tank that will then be used for domestic use and to irrigate gardens that grow vegetables to support the group economically and nutritionally. The four-acre garden will house a myriad of vegetables, including tomatoes, kale, carrots and cabbage. The produce will be given to the groups and the surplus will be sold to help compensate for other costs.

A seed grant will enable Susan to purchase a water pump and reservoir tank alongside the piping.