Sumathi Iyer and Sumeidha Iyer, People for Animals Ghaziabad 2016-06-13T13:55:16+00:00
Individuals from People for Animals Ghaziabad sit while tabling for rabies

Sumathi Iyer and Sumeidha Iyer, People for Animals Ghaziabad

People for Animals Ghaziabad is a community-based organization in Rajnagar, India that has saved more than 3,000 animals since it was founded in 2012.

People for Animals Ghaziabad is operated by sister duo Sumathi and Sumeidha Iyer, two young, committed and dedicated animal activist who utilize their own resources to continue pursuing this compassionate and meaningful work. The animal shelter houses about thirty injured and sick canines, forty-five bovine alongside equines and felines. Many of these animals are rescued from illegal slaughter and thus are given another chance at living their full lifespan. The dedicated staff at the shelter that spend late nights and early mornings caring for the animals are not paid, and Sumathi and Sumeidha often compensate them out of their own resources.

The shelter is currently without a website and our grant will support them in developing and promoting one.

To learn more about People for Animals Ghaziabad, visit their Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: December 2, 2015

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