Sue Gonzalez - AkomaKids

Sue Gonzalez, AkomaKids Literacy Classes for Youth in Elmina, Ghana

When literacy specialist, Sue Gonzalez, first went to Elmina, Ghana in 2010, she met an amazing group of students who simply wanted to excel at school despite a scarcity of books and materials. She came back to her classroom in San Francisco thinking how inequitable it was that her students had so many materials while the children in Ghana lacked adequate resources for learning.

She created the Akomakids project as an initiative to connect diverse learners in Ghana and San Francisco to support each other’s literacy development by empowering the children to share their stories and create learning materials for each other. Through this global connection, the children gain valuable literacy, leadership and empathy skills.

With this grant and the support of a local NGO, Tomorrow’s Stars, Akomakids literacy classes will be provided for children in the Bantuma area of Elmina, Ghana. The students will participate in small group literacy tutoring provided by Tomorrow’s Stars past scholarship students who are now “paying it forward”. Students will have the opportunity to author stories to take home since there is often a scarcity of books at home.