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Stuart Richardson, Seeding Bountiful Churchyards

Seeding Bountiful Churchyards intends to address the issue of food insecurity in the nine counties that border San Francisco Bay by promoting, and providing tangible support for churches, temples, mosques, or synagogue yards that do not currently feature edible plants accessible for gleaning by those in need of supplemental food to landscapes. In 2013, food insecurity rates in the nine counties tin the area ranged from 11.1% (San Mateo) to 15.3% (Alameda). For Santa Clara County, the county in which the propagation center will be located, the food insecurity rate was 12.1%, affecting 219,110 people, with children, immigrants, and African Americans.

The Mission of BountifulChurchyards is to increase food access by helping people raise or glean their own food. People with limited resources available to purchase food will find welcoming spaces to grow or glean food for themselves and their families within walking distances of their homes. BountifulChurchyards is motivated by the desire to see all people have adequate food that is sustainably and locally grown, without fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, or chemical fertilizers.

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GRANT AWARD DATE: November 28, 2015

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