Steven Okoto - Crime is not Good

Steven Okoto, Joab Oluoch, Vuka Sasa group – Crime is Not Good

Date grant awarded: August 20, 2018

CRIME SI POA translates to CRIME IS NOT GOOD, which is a project created by Vuka Sasa Village Youth Group. They are located in Kenya. In the area, a lot of young people have been blamed for criminal activities, and that has resulted in the loss of lives, maimed bodies, property loss, and the formation of outlawed groups. This project intends to establish an online campaign for behavioral change and healthy lifestyles using social media to connect and link more than 100 youths who are out of school.

The goal is to train them and cultivate their interests so that they look attractive to potential employers. They intend to partner with relevant government authorities, NGOs, institutions, FBOs, youth based organizations, among others. The Pollination Project grant will help them purchase a computer, a printer, and help facilitate lobbying and advocacy meetings.