Stephanie Feller & Rose KyabukooliI, Equal Access to Education for the Deaf

Stephanie Feller is a Peace Corps volunteer and certified teacher with 10 years of classroom experience. Along with Rose Kyabukoolil, their project, Equal Access to Education for the Deaf, is designed to help underserviced, deaf pupils at M.M. Wanyange Primary School in Jinja, Uganda. There is a significant population of deaf and hard-of-hearing pupils at the school. These students are being taught rudimentary sign language in a self-contained classroom and are then placed into the regular education classrooms without further assistance.

With this project, Stephanie and Rose will invite 3 non-deaf pupils per class where a deaf student is enrolled, any interested teachers in the school, and all deaf pupils. The club will meet for 1 hour, 3 times a week after school, for 3 consecutive months to learn sign language from a local sign language instructor.

“The sign language club will help to create bonds between the deaf pupils and their peers, and will enable the peers to serve as interpreters in the classroom,” said Stephanie.

Funding from the Pollination Project will be used to purchase educational materials, supplies, and to pay for instructor expenses.

To learn more about Equal Access to Education for the Deaf, visit their Website.

GRANT AWARD DATE: October 14, 2014