Giovanna Ferrari, mother of Giulia Galiotto, killed in 2009 by her husband at the age of 30. She wrote a book, Per non darglierla vinta, about the controversial trial surrounding her daughter’s murder.

Stefania Prandi – The Consequences

Every two days in Italy a woman is killed by a man, usually a partner or a spouse. Media and society seem to underplay the responsibilities of the killer, ascribing these crimes to “love and jealousy”. The Consequences aims to look at this issue form a novel perspective by focusing on the struggle taken on by the victims’ families who become activists in order to seek justice. They set up associations, shared their experiences with children and teenagers in schools, fought for justice in courts.

As part of the project, a photographic exhibition will be held in Bologna, Italy, from the 14th of November until the 7th of December. Following this, it will be taken to houses of women, women associations, and anti-violence centers all over the country.