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Stefan Gutwin, Translating The World Peace Diet

Stefan Gutwin is an author and vegan activist in France currently working on French translation of Dr. Will Tuttle’s book The World Peace Diet.

In this internationally renowned and influential title, Dr. Tuttle illustrates that “what we eat has a profound impact on our spirituality and health of our planet.” He contends that by making more informed choices about food and adopting vegan lifestyles we can learn to lead happier, healthier lives and find harmony with other humans, animals, and the Earth.

Unfortunately, at present Dr. Tuttle’s work is only published in English and Spanish. Through his project Stefan is working with local printing companies to publish a French edition of The World Peace Diet for mass distribution.

With the help he receives from a flow fund offered through The Pollination Project, Stefan will be able to independently publish translations of the text on recycled paper for distribution across both France and Germany.

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 17, 2015

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