Stanley D. Pomichter III - Elix Incubator

Stanley D. Pomichter III, Elix Incubator

Date grant awarded: 3/11/2017

Elix Incubator is California’s first social impact incubator for teen entrepreneurs. Founded by a group of high school students (Isabella Liu, Stash Pomichter, Andrew Yates, Haley Catton, and Brendon Wright), Elix works to promote positive teen driven change by seeding and incubating teen-led social enterprises. In doing so, Elix hopes to increase access to entrepreneurship across socioeconomic borders, teach sustainable entrepreneurship practices, and help build the next generation of agents for change.

Elix has operated out of Marin County, CA for nine months. In that time, the Elix team has been recognized by the University of Delaware’s Diamond Challenge as International Semifinalists and launched six social ventures working to promote issues ranging from educational equity to alternative energy efficiency to the psychological wellbeing of children in disaster zones.