Stacy Bannerman - Women's EcoPeace

Stacy Bannerman – Women’s EcoPeace

The “Women’s EcoPeace project” aims to unleash the power of women to protect the planet, promote peace, and secure and preserve sacred land in climate refugia. Based in southern Oregon with international reach, the Center for Spiritual Ecology will be a living laboratory grounded in women’s wisdom and connecting best practices (permaculture, plant-based diets, population control, reducing consumption, sacred activism, carbon tax, local peace economies, etc.) for peace and the planet.

We are allied with the four tribes (Arhuacos, Kogis, Kankuamos and Wiwas) from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta of Colombia and our June 2018 Summer Solstice events feature several Kogi shamans who will conduct sacred earth ceremonies and share ancestral teachings to deepen a spiritual connection with the land.