Nirupama Sarma - Eating Green: Making Animal Lives Matter

South Docs / All Creatures Great & Small – Eating Green: Making Animal Lives Matter

Eating Green: Making Animal Lives Matter is a documentary created by Nirupama Sarma and Gautam Sonti, who are located in India. Their documentary highlights the systemic and institutionalized violence inflicted on animals, especially in the name of food. It is unique for several reasons: it is one of the few such efforts from outside of the West, and it goes beyond graphic footage to critically examine the complex socio-cultural dimensions (tradition, religion, the insidious and all-pervasive power of consumerism) impacting our treatment of animals.

In the process, it triggers a basic sense of compassion and social justice, center-staging the issue of animal rights with other social justice movements, thus reaching out to mainstream audiences as well as policy makers and opinion leaders. Their primary goals are to first, mainstream the issue of animal rights and increase the adoption of vegan choices; and second, facilitate integration of animal protection issues into allied fields such as the environment, food and hospitality industries, and economic policies.

The film’s marketing and distribution plan is designed to reach the highest audience numbers through screenings at multiplexes, film and social justice conferences and festivals. The film’s timing and location in India is opportune, given that meat and dairy consumption is spiraling exponentially among the country’s 1.3 billion population; and the film’s content is both timeless and universal, finding resonance in several parts of the world.

The film spotlights animals, the silent and hidden victims behind our lifestyles, consumerism, and capitalism, and makes a plea for a kinder, gentler and more sustainable tomorrow.