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Sophy Oluoch, Growing Food, Knowledge and Future Leaders in Kenya

Sophy Oluoch is no stranger to childhood hunger and malnutrition in Kenya. While growing up, Sophy’s parents often struggled to provide food for their nine children, with the majority of the family’s food coming from donations.

Seeing her parents’ struggle, Sophy was inspired to begin gardening in the vacant spaces around their home to provide food for the family. She has since drawn on these early formative experiences to create Growing Food, Knowledge and Future Leaders (GFKFL), an organization aiming to inspire Kenyan youth to live healthy and ambitious lives by providing mentorship and hands-on education in Peri- urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition.

GFKFL currently operates a peri-urban farm in the Bungoma area of Nairobi, Kenya where Sophy and others provide garden-based youth development programs and food to community residents.

Over the course of 2015 GFKFL is training 25 youth from the community in the techniques of sustainable urban agriculture. Trainees will be tasked with the establishment of a community garden and community outreach and education programs at local schools. Overall, through their program Sophy and GFKFL plan to indirectly impact the lives of over 200 food insecure children.

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 9, 2015

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