Solomon Adelowo

Solomon Adelowo and Jephthah Adelowo – Jed Recycling Initiative

Jed Recycling Initiative addresses the issue of environmental pollution our community – and world – are facing. The harmful effects of plastics and metals waste on various aspect of life, such as contamination of land, water and air, is becoming more and more prevalent. My project will systematically decrease the amount of plastics and metal waste disposed into the surroundings while simultaneously producing renewable products from these waste.

I remember observing the Odo-Ona River in Ibadan, Nigeria being polluted with floating metal cans and plastic bottles among others. This fueled my desire to lead innovation that reduces environmental pollution. After my undergraduate studies, I noted the urgency to curtail the negative impact of environmental pollution. This led me to the establishment of Jed Recycling Initiative, which aims to sensitize and educate the general public on environmental pollution.

My project is needed to utilize waste and scrap to overcome environmental, ecology crisis, disasters, reduce pollution and degradation of nature. We tackle this menace through trainings, advocacies, peer education, innovation, and a waste management sensitization programme for community, raising ons awareness on environmental sustainability, and increasing ones knowledge of waste management, thus strengthening the capacity of people in Oyo, Nigeria. Together we participate in combating environmental pollution as global citizens while attracting youth to public service through the promotion of civil service, internships, and volunteering.

With the seed grant from The Pollination Project, we will expand our outreach and foster domestic recycling into other useful products. Additionally, we will supply plastic and metal waste to recycling companies. In the long run, we hope to play an active role in achieving the SDGs and tackle climate change.