Solace For She And Child Care Initiative – Period Poverty Intervention

Period Poverty Intervention is designed by a registered non-governmental organisation in Nigeria, Solace For She and Child Care Initiative. The project is to help women/girls have hygienic menstrual life through menstrual education and sanitary material supports. We teach how to make and manage reusable pads, which are less expensive and can last for years. This helps them have a hygienic menstruation and reduce infections and risk behaviours associated with raising money monthly to buy sanitary pads.

The cost of menstruation sanitary materials is so high that girls from poor background cannot afford hygienic sanitary materials like pads. And this lack of access has serious implications for their lives. They miss schools while menstruating and have to resort to unsafe solutions which mean they get infections from using unhygienic materials. They are vulnerable to men that take advantage of providing money to buy pads to molest them, some of them get pregnant and got married off early. Most rural girls are at high risk and needs assistance of pads. Women in prisons, women/girls in refugee/displaced camps are suffering seriously from period poverty.

The Pollination Project seed grant will help us buy equipment to set up a sewing corner where we can produce cloth pads for distribution and also train women and girls. We will buy sewing tables, power supply generator with this fund, get some fabrics to help increase our production.