Beth in her rescued girls home where she gave pads and panties

Smart Child Kenya – Dignity Shouldn’t Be Undermined

We are always ready to make a difference in people’s lives. Smart Child Kenya is a Community Based Organization that empowers girls and women through promoting lifeskills that will enable them to live a justified and empowered life. We all know that good quality education is the only major avenue in which people can escape poverty and improve their personal life opportunities.

We work very close with girl child protecting her right where we provide reusable sanitary napkins to keep them in school. We also empower women with short life-skills trainings, such as soap making, bead work and reusable sanitary sewing, where they are able to sell their products and earn a living.

Compared to their male counterparts, girls has been left behind in class. This is as a result of their monthly periods, where they will be away from school for 4-5 days every month. Girls will use anything – dirty rags, mattresses, leaves, cow dug, and animal skin to address their period. Other girls are less advantaged to have access to these and thus they dig a hole and sit on it for 4-5 days. Many adolescent girls exchange sex for sanitary pads and panties. Ultimately, this has resulted in early pregnancies and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

We have decided to address this through the constructing of reusable sanitary napkins that are used for more than a year. Beth Wawira – the director of Smart Child Kenya – is inspired from her adolescence. “I had no one to talk to. Africa parents aren’t able to share the topics with their daughters. I was victimized of early marriages by my parents when I was seen home and I had stained my clothe behind. And my parents suggested, I was big enough to get married at the age of 11 years old. This is why I am dedicated to serving as an ambassador for this girls who are victimized with early marriages and more.”

This grant will help us to learn our project and reach out those girls from vulnerable families. We will also support women who work many hours and continue to earn less than men. The earnings they get from their sales will feed their families. We have supported 4,000 families in the period of 6-years this grant will help us to serve more vulnerable families. We also look for volunteers and partners who would love to join our noble work. We are always happy to receive gifts and donations that help us to be supportive to thousands of vulnerable families.