Simiya Sudduth, With Child: Zine + Plant Based Nutrition Workshops for Low Income Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mothers

Date grant awarded: March 10, 2016
With Child is a zine project created by St. Louis based doula, Simiya Sudduth. With Child is a project focused on improving access to education and guidance on holistic, plant-based nutrition for pregnant and breastfeeding, low income women and women of color. With Child is a multi-part project comprised of a zine, workshops and wellness consultations. The zine, the main focus of the project, will be filled with low cost, whole food, plant based recipes and food and nutrient lists to support a plant based diet for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Part two of the project is plant based nutrition workshops and sliding fee scale one-on-one wellness consultations offered in Saint Louis, MO area. For more information and updates on the project and release date of the zine please visit Sage Moon Doula’s website, Instagram or Facebook Page.