Siena Clark, Girls’ Soccer & Leadership Fair in San Francisco2017-04-03T11:29:32+00:00
Siena Clark

Siena Clark, Girls’ Soccer & Leadership Fair in San Francisco

Date grant awarded: 3/16/2017

Siena Clark, a junior coach for Girls Leading Girls and current high school senior at Sacred Heart Cathedral is hosting a Girls’ Soccer & Leadership Fair for one day on June 24, 2017. The fair is for girls ages 7-18 years old living in San Francisco. The goal of this fair is to provide girls with a safe space and fun environment to learn about soccer and how to be strong leaders. The fair focuses on skill development, leadership training, and community building that center around women’s empowerment. It allows for girls of various socio-economic backgrounds to come together with the community of San Francisco behind them to support girls to be strong athletes and leaders!

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