Students testing out their paper bridges and competing to design the strongest bridge in the class

Shreya Gupta – Bit Project

Bit Project is a student-run UC Davis STEM outreach organization that integrates hands-on education into K-12th grade classrooms. As part of the primary education team, we work with elementary schools to develop affordable long-term solutions to the problems that restrict teachers from providing students quality hands-on STEM education.

Modern primary education prioritizes certain subjects based on standardized testing. Subjects that are not tested, included science, engineering, and technology, are neglected – schools are unable to provide teachers with the required training and resources to help integrate STEM into classes. Many elementary school classrooms have very limited access to resources for STEM education, especially beyond math and general science.

Our primary goal is to provide K-5th grade teachers from non-STEM backgrounds the resources to successfully and comfortably incorporate and lead STEM activities into their classes. We are currently developing a community-based program run by UC Davis volunteers to develop project-based lesson plans in subjects including engineering, chemistry, physics, and biology. The seed grant from The Pollination Project will help us expand our program connect with more students who urgently need these resources.