Shoshana Akaba

Shoshana Akabas – New Neighbors Clothing Partnership

The New Neighbors Clothing Partnership (NNCP) matches newly-arrived refugee families with local New York City families who have slightly older kids and can pass on children’s clothing donations on a regular basis. Founded by Shoshana Akabas with the help of Emily Moore, this initiative provides ongoing support to refugee families who usually only receive several months of government agency support when they arrive in the United States. This project arose from the continuous need for children’s clothing and lack of space for New York City non-profits to store donations. With the NNCP, clothes go directly from the families who have them to the families who need them.

So far, partnerships have been established between dozens of New York families and newly resettled families from Afghanistan, Guinea, Ukraine, Central African Republic, Pakistan, Chad, the Philippines, Burkina Faso, and Azerbaijan. The funds will allow this initiative to expand to serve more refugees, create a website, and make more lasting connections between local and refugee families.