Shital Mehta, Generosity at Shantivan Gardens

8445917231_d0d5f76d94_mShital is a long time art teacher.  She developed this project after noting that children, when exposed to generosity and kindness show profound transformation in their ability to be compassionate and creative.  ‘Generosity at Shantivan Gardens’ is an umbrella name for a series of activities that expose children in Mumbai to the transformative power of compassion, generosity and gratitude. Children from diverse backgrounds come together to perform acts of kindness, serve their community and practice gratitude through various projects.  One anchor of this project will be the “Seva Cafe”, a “pay it forward” restaurant where the children will serve a free meal once a month for people in their community.  People who enjoy this meal will  will be asked to value this generosity and offer an amount of money in order to sustain this experiment in trust.   TPP funds will be used to launch the childrens’  Seva Cafe, as well as art materials for other activities for the children involved.