Shirley Jane Benavides

Shirley Jane Benavides, Brayan Cruz, Nayeli Ivette Diaz, Abel Pimentel – One Native Plot at a Time

One Native Plot at a Time is a community requested project located in the heart of Orange County – Santa Ana – also known as Acjachemen territory. This project is youth-led, however intergenerational. We advocate for holistic wellness that brings forward workshops that focus on intergenerational healing, cultural preservation, building relationship with the land, protecting the sacred, and decolonizing the mind, body, spirit, and diet through the establishment of native plants in marginalized communities.

Shirley Jane Benavides, a 20-year-old queer womyn from El Salvador (Nawat Pipil) and Guerrero, Mexico. A current gardener/student/seed and food sovereignty advocate and an active member in Chicanx spaces in Santa Ana College. Shirley is taking initiative in implementing native plants through community collaboration. At the center of the project, there is a key focus on supporting families who suffer from malnutrition diseases. The vision is to promote holistic healing through the understanding, connection, and protection of Ca Native and traditional plant medicine. This endeavor provides an opportunity for the youth and elders to bridge connections to aid in reclaiming their roots and learn about the responsibility to our original relations of the land.