Sherin Noordheen

Sherin Noordheen – The Orange Room : A Space for Non-judgemental Listening

Our latest project – The Orange Room- is a very small rented place that encourages open conversation about mental health. We work towards cutting down the stigma associated with mental health through our services such as: non-judgmental listening over a cup of tea/coffee, focussed group sessions on various mental health conditions, support group meetings and experience sharing sessions, public sessions conducted by subject matter experts, book, movie, popular culture reviews and discussions related to mental health.

I am part of the target community that I work with. I am a suicide survivor and had undergone depression and various mental and emotional issues during my young age. The services that we offer now through Let’s Live were solutions and support systems that I wish had existed during my direct and in-direct struggles with mental health issues.

Through The Orange Room, we address the mental and emotional health issues of youth in Kerala who face depression and stress-related issues. We provide a safe space for nonjudgemental listening and build a sense of support and belonging. Even though we provide experiential knowledge and non-judgemental listening, we need external experts for clinical questions raised by those who visit us and also for spreading clinical information related to various mental illnesses. We plan to conduct awareness sessions by various subject matter experts such as psychiatrists, psychologists, mindfulness experts, art therapy experts, and more. The project grant shall be used for this purpose.