a book distribution of books to a secondary school in Buea during the World Book Day

Sheila Ekukole – Empowering young voices in democracy through a publication

Our organisation has mentored and coached young people, organized conferences for them and given them opportunities to showcase their talents wherever they can. Our main reason of creating a National Book Council is to allow youths make a contribution in fiction and non-fiction form. This is more because political parties, traditional media, or social media have actually failed to articulate the interest and aspirations of young people. When they do, they distort their voices and views. Taking ownership of youth voices by youth has been our vocation.

Through this project therefore we shall get young Cameroonians of less than 35 years of age to begin a dialogue, to reflect together and generate ideas on the state and future of democracy in Cameroon in the form of a book. It is both an advocacy and educational tool towards effective participatory democracy and collective political consciousness among young people.