Shayanne Gal - Voices of Refugees

Shayanne Gal and Clara Veale – Voices of Refugees

Date grant awarded: 01/09/2018

Voices of Refugees was started by two volunteers, Shayanne Gal and Clara Veale, who met while working at refugee camps in Greece. It is a collection of stories revealing the human perspective behind the global refugee crisis. All around the world, millions of displaced refugees and asylum-seekers, each with their own unique stories, are fleeing violence and conflict. This online project aims at shedding a light on individual stories, through the various mediums of photography, text, and video, in an effort to expose the realities of human displacement, and bring people together in solidarity with refugees globally. Passionate about using their photography skills to advocate for social justice, Shayanne and Clara both felt compelled to share the simultaneously raw, beautiful, distressing, and profoundly human stories of the people they had shared their hours with each day. Beyond Greece, Voices of Refugees has transformed into a collective space for international refugee stories from across the globe. The stories shared on the platform have been used in exhibitions, conferences and in the media to raise awareness about this global crisis and help raise funds in support of refugees.