Sharon Adongo and Joseph Ng’ethe, Tuchangane

Sharon Adong and Joseph Ng'ethe, TuchanganeSharon Adongo and Joseph Ng’ethe both benefited immensely from high-school scholarships from little known non-profits.  Knowing that nonprofit organizations can make a real difference in the lives of communities, Sharon and Joseph are seeking to better connect local populations with local non-profits.  Their new online platform, Tuchangane, hopes to cultivate trust between small local non-profits and the local community.  Many individuals tend to fund large, well known organizations, and Tuchangane wants to level the fundraising playing field by making the conversation more about potential for social impact, ingenuity and transparency and less about the size of the organization.

Sharon and Joseph plan to provide a database of vetted non-profits that are operating in Kenya, launch a social platform for sharing social impact stories and create an avenue for volunteers to connect with information and causes that fit their passions.

Sharon states “Our project will be promoting conscious philanthropy: non-profits will be obligated to fulfill their missions to the best of their abilities, and members of the public will be more aware of the people and causes making a difference around them and be more willing to participate in the process.” The Pollination Project is excited to see and support the startup phase for this hub of goodwill and information sharing.

To connect with Tuchangane, check out their Facebook page, Twitter, website and blog.