Shakera Bramwell - Rebel Food Cart

Shakera Bramwell – Rebel Food Cart

Date grant awarded: 09/16/2017

Founded by Shakera Bramwell, an undocumented immigrant from Kingston Jamaica, Rebel Cause Inc’s mission is to bring about and facilitate the collaboration of groups of young adults of color seeking to improve the quality of life in their communities through the implementation and coordination of comprehensive social programs and community initiatives.

One such initiative is Rebel Food Cart. Rebel Food Cart is a mobile meal program that provides smoothies as a meal alternative to Boston’s food insecure population. The homeless population being dependent on hand-outs from the public and meals from soup kitchens (both of which do not provide them with organic, vitamin and mineral-rich foods) they are deficient in needed nutrients and over supplied with fatty, unhealthy meals. Studies have shown that having a healthy-diet keeps one physically and mentally fit. Eating healthy balanced meals daily promotes overall well-being and is a positive indicator of success in one’s daily endeavors.

By providing Boston’s homeless population with an organic, vitamin-rich meal option, Rebel Food Cart hopes to aid in the positive enhancement of their mind, body and spirt.