Seun Shokunbi

Seun Shokunbi – The IRON Kit Series for Refugees

This project was inspired by my strong belief in making entrepreneurship accessible to anybody, regardless of who they are or where they come from. My goal is to equip the most vulnerable groups to build generational wealth by focusing on workshops and curriculum that emphasize business ownership. That’s the most effective way to make sure the cycle of poverty ends, and at the same time inspire those who escape the cycle to pay it forward (both through their families and members of their community).

This project will provide transient people with instructional materials, both in audio and print, for building a family business. This is inspired by reports on residents in refugee camps turning to entrepreneurship as a way to earn money to support their family members while awaiting decisions regarding their asylum requests. By the end of the project, my foundation will produce a full, 5-PART, course on entrepreneurship, which will b e translated into four main languages spoken by those in Africa’s largest refugee camps: English, French, Hausa, and Oromo.

This seed grant from TPP lets me know that this work is needed, and I’m honored to know that TPP trusts me to see it through successfully. I plan to start a crowdfunding challenge to gain additional matching funds to sustain this project beyond its first year, with the help of a new advisory committee.