Sergio Flores Rosales - Brigada Animal México

Sergio Flores Rosales, Poli Sotomayor and Luis Alberto Marmolejo – Brigada Animal México (Animal Squad México)

Date grant awarded: 01/10/2018

Brigada Animal México (Animal Squad Mexico) is a non-profit vegan collective that seeks to help animals that are endangered and/or marginalized in regions of Mexico, specifically the country side. The project has launched campaigns to help remove parasites in dogs and cats, provide food to animals in need after the Mexican earthquakes, help people in need of animal food, support veterinary needs, and talk to people about stopping animal cruelty. The project encourages people to donate and use plant-based food to feed animals. The Brigada Animal Mexico nonprofit aims to tell more people to stop killing animals and encouraging more people to learn about veganism. Through their work they hope to help people love and respect animals.