SERG Shela Environmental Residents Group

SERG Shela Environmental Residents Group – Beach Cleaning, Shela, Lamu Island, Kenya

Date grant awarded: November 3, 2108

Our self help group is called SERG which stands for Shela Environmental Residents Group. In response to environmental pollution we work on cleaning a stretch of around 12 kilometres of beach on a daily basis. The biggest challenge is the transport of the collected beach debris (flip flops and other shoes, cans, toothbrushes, lighters, straws, packing of all kinds including styrofoam etc) off the beach to a recycling facility in Malindi and Watamu.

We’ve picked up 33 tons of plastic rubbish along the beaches on Lamu Island and used the rubbish to put together an educational exhibition at Lamu Museum. We made presentations at every school about the consequences of single-use plastic and improper disposal, the impact on oceans and animals, and the damage to our own living environment. Now we need to transport the 33 tons of rubbish off the island for sorting and recycling at a facility on mainland. Once recycled, it will be shaped into parts for the Flip Flopi dhow, which will continue to raise awareness about plastic pollution. This grant is going to help us support this next stage of our work.