Sebouh Bazikian, Bikes 4 Orphans

Date grant awarded: 03/05/2013

Sebouh is 16 year old high school junior in California.  He is an avid cyclist who loves to ride his bike to school.  When he learned about the children at Machao Orphanage in Makueni, Kenya, and the fact that they had to walk for two hours, barefoot, in scorching heat in order to get to school, he felt compelled to do something about it.

Sebouh contacted the orphanage and strategized the best way to help the children, ages 6-18 years old most of whom lost their parents to AIDS.  He set out to raise money to purchase bikes for each child at the orphanage (42 in all) so that they could get to school faster, have a chance to focus on their education and their futures, and also instill a sense of worthiness and possibility into the children who have few possessions and who have lost their families.

Sebouh says, “I intend to continue this project for every orphanage in the world that is willing to work with me. It’s my ultimate goal to be a champion for orphans and education around the world.”  Pollination Project funds will be used to purchase bikes at a local bike shop in Nairobi, and Sebouh continues to raise money to purchase as many bikes as he can and keep his project, Bikes 4 Orphans, expanding to orphanages worldwide.