Sarah Nabbanja Kweyunga, Sanitary Napkin Project

Sarah Nabbanja Kweyunga, Sanitary Napkin Project

Sarah Nabbanja Kweyunga works with the Soroptimist International club of Masaka, a volunteer club in Uganda which aims to transform the lives of women and girls. The club created the Sanitary Napkin Project to establish a local manufacturing facility that produces low cost sanitary napkins to help improve the lives of women and girls.

Sanitary napkins are currently being shipped to Masaka, Uganda by major marketing companies. Sarah discovered that women were missing work and girls were missing school for several days each month due to their menses, as foreign-made disposable sanitary napkins are too costly for most women.

“Girls who are unable to afford sanitary protection miss about 36 days of schooling a year. The same statistic for working women puts them at a financial disadvantage,” Sarah explained.

The Sanitary Napkin Project will not only manufacture affordable sanitary products, but will also create employment opportunities for local women. The site for the facility has been secured and the club has received $2,500 in donations from local contributions, a little more than half the cost of the equipment and training needed to begin local production.

“Helping a woman, helps her entire family,” Sarah said.

Funds from the Pollination Project will be used towards training and equipment costs.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 21, 2014