Sammy Pontrelli and Omoding Geoffrey, Sayans2016-07-29T09:25:40+00:00
Small groups of Ugandan men and women sit in clusters.

Sammy Pontrelli and Omoding Geoffrey, Sayans

Date grant awarded: August 1, 2016

UNESCO estimates that due to the implementation of Universal Primary Education the teacher to student ratio has decreased, limiting student interaction and redirecting teacher’s focus to those quickly obtaining the information. In Kampala, Uganda, secondary students study up to nineteen subjects to cover curriculum and thus Sammy Pontrelli and Omoding Geoffrey have created Sayans, a practical educational approach to foster critical thinking and creativity to encourage the development of innovative technological ideas. Through creative science instruction, students in limited resource settings will gain access to technological resources and knowledge to supplement their learning while providing a platform to practice and develop concepts into innovative businesses projects.

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