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Samuel Cadet and Winter Luc, Plantons pour le futur!

Date grant awarded: July 12, 2016

For young people growing up in Cité Soleil, the biggest ghetto in Haiti, violence and poverty are a part of life. Housing around 400,000 people, and socially and politically marginalized, this heavily polluted urban neighborhood lacks infrastructure such as sewers and street lighting, and was heavily affected by cholera following the 2010 earthquakes. There are few opportunities for education or employment, and Cité Soleil is so dangerous that the police can rarely enter the gang controlled streets.

Seeking to break the cycle of violence, poverty, and environmental degradation, Youth Environmental Grantmaking Team Member Louino Robillard is awarding a flow fund to two young community activists. Samuel Cadet and Luc Winter are nurturing young people’s connection to the environment, while giving them the tools to change their communities in years to come. Along with his organization, Samuel has developed a large community garden in the neighborhood, while Winter runs a community school that focuses on environmental education.

Louino has worked separately with both grantees, and describes them as ‘stand out leaders’ who each have the potential to change the face of Cité Soleil with their respective work. However, he believes that communities are stronger together, and so has awarded this flow fund grant to support a joint program, run by both Samuel and Winter, which will engage 120 children in a local, environmentally based summer camp held between the school and the community garden. The program will be full of hands on activities that encourage environmental sustainability, food access and economic opportunities for the community. While learning about the natural world, students will help to establish a compost site, Moringa tree nursery, and recycling program, and also help families plant tire gardens in their homes.

Louino, Samuel, and Winter are rewriting the future for young people in Cité Soleil. Focusing on collaboration versus competition, they will tap into the vitality and potential of the community, building resilience and sustainability, and providing opportunities for youth to thrive.

The flow fund will help to purchase materials and supplies to help build the compost and a Moringa tree nursery, as well as support educational workshop and communication costs.

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