Sameeksha Bhattarai

Sameeksha, Garima, Deepesh – Project Compassionate Nepal

Sameeksha Bhattarai is the founder of Project Compassionate Nepal. This project amplifies the voices of young animal rights activists, which will help bring awareness to animal rights. This will also help create new activists. The project raises awareness among teachers and students about animal rights, the growing trend of veganism, as well as its benefits to our health and the environment.

The project also helps vegan tourists who want to visit Nepal. Sameeksha believes that a just world can only exist when speciesism ends. She belies that all beings on this planet are equal and no one has the right to hurt another sentient being. The Pollination Project grant will help Sameeksha purchase a camera, design and print leaflets for distribution, and help with website development costs.