Same Skies – Refugee Empowerment Project

Date grant awarded: April 2, 2018

Grantee Name: Same Skies
Project Name: Refugee Empowerment Project
Grant Location: Bogor, INDONESIA

Project Description: Same Skies believes in the resilience and resourcefulness of displaced communities, and the need for more empowering, participatory approaches when it comes to refugee protection. Our Refugee Empowerment Programme is an innovative approach to address the immense global challenges that displacement poses today. It is a new approach that we have developed, tested and adjusted over the last three years. The co-designed projects are not only context-specific and relevant for the communities, but they are also implemented in a culturally sensitive manner. Activities are carried out with great pride by the communities themselves. Our projects build purpose, and make communities more self- reliant, supporting not only one another, but also greatly empowering everyone involved.