Samantha Ngcolomba - Lady Liberty

Samantha N. Ngcolomba, Lady Liberty SA

Grantee Name: Samantha N. Ngcolomba
Project Name: Lady Liberty SA
Grant Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Funding Partner: Our 2016 Crowdfunding Donors

Project Description: Lady Liberty SA is a mobile legal office, traveling to remote townships ‘slums’ and rural areas providing access to basic legal information and services to margenalised women. We focus on domestic violence, sexual assault, marriage, divorce, maintenance, wills and labour. We have been awarded a mobile application by Facebook Free Basics and while we finalise the content for this platform, we are also developing a USSD platform to extend our services virtually to thousands more people that we cannot reach physically. Our grant funds will be used largely for development and for a marketing campaign to raise awareness for this.