Sabina wambui Kimani

Sabina Wambui Kimani, Rahab waithera – Sustainable Initiative

Date grant awarded: August 25, 2018

The long term use of chemical inorganic fertilizers and pesticides often leads to soil degradation. Like many other farmers in Kenya, the women farmers of Kiambu for decades had used inorganic fertilizers until few years ago they notices that the yields were getting smaller, the soil in their lands had gotten higher levels of PH and it was damaging their crops. They grew from these experiences and The Sustainable Initiative was formed to deal with a problem that small scale women farmers often face.

This group formed to encourage each other to farm organically and, with the support of The Pollination Project, they will be able to take the next step towards acquiring coriander seeds to grow in the small plots with green manure they have already prepared. As sustainable initiatives they want to be an example to the community that you can go organic and still get better returns.