In an attempt to reclaim hip hop music to use as a tool to bring about positive community transformation, Roy LEO Terry, a young musician and entrepreneur is launching MERCER, a hip hop education project he created that highlights empowerment through positive hip hop music. Roy plays uplifting music that promotes peace, respect, justice, collaboration and self determination and he wants to share his passion to inspire other youth to be successful in achieving their goals.
Through MERCER, Roy will host events and develop media and music with like minded artists, that encourage young people to develop their sense of self and make better decisions in and for their communities. Roy’s aspirations to “create a generation of youth who possess the awareness and the tools to develop into healthy, civically engaged adults,” is certainly more than possible.

The Pollination Grant will help Roy to promote events and media production services in order to share his vision with the community and to recruit other young people to participate in creating positive, peace promoting music.

For more information about MERCER please visit his Website.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 13, 2015