Ronny Agyei Yeboah

Ronny Agyei Yeboah, Livelihood Diversification as a Solution to River Pollution

Date grant awarded: May 11, 2017

Illegal mining in Ghanaian rural communities is causing extreme river pollution, resulting in the devastation of river creatures, and health concerns for the rural poorwho depend hugely on these rivers. The main underlying cause of this illegal mining is a lack of alternative economic activities for communities in the region. This is why Ronny and a group of concerned youth from CERPA have developed the “Livelihood Diversification as a Solution to River Pollution” project. They will provide skills in mushroom cultivation and marketing for those who are involved in, or may be tempted to be involved in, illegal mining to combat this heart-wrenching situation. This project is starting in Akim Manso in the Eastern Region of Ghana, which is one of the most affected communities.