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Rodger Mwanza, Save A Life Initiative( SALI)

Rodger Stevenson Mwanza - SAVE A LIFE-(SALI)

The Save A Life Initiative (SALI) is a project founded by long time Lifestyle Educator, Rodger Mwanza and Astridah Mwanza to help the community in primary healthcare screening focusing on Non-Communicable Diseases in Lusaka , Zambia.

Through the Health expo screening programs and lifestyle/Health education seminars backed with scientific and evidence based health information,and nutrition and spiritual counseling, the community is empowered to make well informed decision concerning their health. The project raises awareness on prevention and early diagnosis of illness to improve health outcomes through screening programs. It is cheaper to manage a disease that is early detected than the one that is lately detected. Therefore, we believe that ” Prevention is better than cure”.

Date grant awarded: 4/20/2017

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